Come, sweet homeostasis

If a dynamic equilibrium is disturbed by changing the conditions, the position of equilibrium moves to partially reverse the change.

Le Chatelier-Braun Principle

I was born in 1970s, weird times when our world insignificant blue dot in space had a strong, clear division. There were two oposing sides with Iron Curtain between them. Yin & Yang. PC and Mac. Mordor vs. a bunch of raggedy halflings led by a senile vagabond with a tenure. You get the idea.

Both sides of the coin competed on many levels in many domains. Science was, of course, one of them. Especially this part of science, which was considered sort of a status symbol for both of the conflicted boys. “Ha! My toy flies so, so high!” one of them would exclaim and point triumphantly to the sky. “Oh, yeah? Watch this!” replied the other one, and the chase continued.

Then, there was a sort of a thaw. Boys shook hands, even embraced and went to declare they were ‘best buddies’ from now on.




The whole Ukraine deal and current foreign affairs between Russia and Western part of the world are too complex, recent and potentially harmful to us all, that I will dare to comment on them in more detail here.

Enough said, the space exploration programme went totally bonkers too.

And yet (try to read this aloud in David Attenborough’s voice), Nature finds its way to adapt and moves on…

Where will this lead? Is it a hindrance or a solution? I have recently seen this film (and read the book, and recommend you do it too) and I am not too optimistic about the whole idea. One of many positive things that can be said about international cooperation is that the range of peer review and regulation is better then.

This news is both good and bad, I will now just say that at least exploration of space still continues. Somehow.


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