We Are the Robots

First of all, to get you in the mood – a song! I listened to it while writing, so you can reverse-engineer my ‘creative’ process.

Now, to the point. Robot of Sherwood has happened. Here are my observations, in form of a brief* list.


1.) Capaldi is getting better and better and the quality of the writing plummets.

2.) If this trend continues, I’ll have to edit out any scenes not containing him from the last episode in order to save my sanity.

3.) Twelve has changed his shirt! Purple** is the new fez.

4.) ANOTHER reference to ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’. Is this some sort of a fetish thing?

5.) ANOTHER case of “We live in Medieval times, brush our teeth regularly, wash our hair and use cosmetics.”

6.) ANOTHER MacGuffin saves the day at the end of the day.

7.) As I said earlier, this was edited out, however, another scene of decapitation*** was shown without any changes. With severed robotic head in close-up. And beheading was freely discussed in this episode as well.

8.) Sheriff of Nottingham was ok. In fact, he seemed the most human of them all.

9.) ALSO: Is it me or Ben Miller in this episode DOES look and sound like Christoph Waltz with a fake beard?

10.) How to destroy a killer cyborg who does not die? Simple, throw him into molten metal. Innovative and groundbreaking!

11.) Clara was… strange. I don’t know why, but she acted like a robot through the majority of her screen time. I really had some uncanny valley vibes whenever she spoke.

12.) Homage**** to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – namely the scene when peasants have to perform meaningless slave work while being supervised by heartless guards.

13.) Where was Rabbi Tuckman? I surely remember him from the classic version of the legend.

14.) Missy did not welcome anyone ‘in Heaven’*****. There was some doodling with chalk though. Beautiful Mind style.

15.) SOME unnecessary meta that could otherwise be implied by viewers or is already described by decades of lore established during previous series.

16.) I’m starting to write longer and longer points. Time to finish.

One final comment: I was searching for a nice phrase to use as a title of this post and came across this song. I know nothing about the band, might listen to them later, though.


*) I’m afraid if I allow myself to write in longer paragraphs my rage will take control.

**) Possible reference? No, but it’s a nice idea. I would do it if I were Moffat.

***) He was a robot, it does not count!

****) French for ‘rip-off’.

*****) Yup, this is Heaven. Really. OR MAYBE IT ISN’T! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *moans of tortured souls & smell of hydrogen sulfide*


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