Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder

Title taken from this. As before, I recommend you play it along while reading. It adds uplifting feeling to the article, quite unexpectedly.

One of the things I like to ponder upon is the Origin of Life.

This is going to be a long road ahead for science, and combined effort of biologists, astrophysicists and chemists will be required to solve this puzzle.

However, small steps like this might provide necessary basic data to base future research on.

The whole mission of Rosetta spacecraft is a fascinating story indeed. 10 year long chase in space! A giant ball of ice and dust is being pursued by a robot that uses gravity of planets it passes in order to speed up and steer through the cold, unforgiving vacuum of the Solar system*! That’s a good Doctor Who episode plot.

So far there are surprises and there are hopes. There are indications of hydrogen and oxygen present in the atmosphere, but no (expected) ice-water has been observed.

The lander Philae will kick up the show a notch in November, when it will attempt to contact the surface and further provide us with more data as the comet approaches the Sun and begins to heat up.


*) I know it is a cliche, but I could not resist.



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