Where to, Missy?

My previous ramble about Doctor Who, and a really nice blog which has recently tackled a similar issue, made me think about the future of the series.

That’s fine, I’ve said to myself, thinking is great.

Still full of optimism, I’ve researched teh Webz and come across a valid and deep analysis of the state of the show after the RTD era. There’s actually a second part, focused more on how gender and minorities are currently portrayed in DW. I recommend you read them both, they are worth it and are a real eye opener.

I dread the series finale now. I can see the pattern that somehow cannot be unseen. This will be the same water coaster as last summer, but the crew of the amusement park will place fake landscapes in different places. A spaceship here, pirate cove there. And perhaps a castle with none other than the sheriff of Nottingham himself.

While we are riding, we pass various billboards and posters. Small at first, they get bigger later on.They all say: “Something unexpected at the end of the ride!”, “Are you prepared?!”, “HUGE MYSTERY AHEAD”, etc. So we start paying less and less attention to the current views because, hey, there’ll be something better!*

We are given occasional sights of Missy welcoming people that die for, or because of Doctor in her ‘heaven’. (those are those metaphorical posters, wink, wink). And the final stop is Doctor & Clara (Will he allow Danny Pink to enter TARDIS? Oh, the uncertainty! Yup, he will.) coming to some place that Doctor recognizes he has seen before. And there is TROUBLE. And we gaze at the havoc in sheer amazement.

And the Missy turns out to be: Master/River/Death/Tasha Lem/Amy/Clara/Future Doctor/some_random_mcguffin. SO UNEXPECTED, MUCH WOW!

But it won’t matter since she will be a hollow mannequin, a character we will not have enough time to get to know. Another kaleidoscopic villain. A final boss battle. End of season. SPLASH!

And if friends ask us how was it, we will wonder for a moment. Possibly scratch our heads here and there. And then we will describe this amazing, witty, clever, unexpected SPLASH! we experienced at the end. It was BREATHTAKING! So cool! Much better than the last one, I cannot wait for the END of next season!

Oh, you mean the ride itself? The views? Not bad, not bad at all. But the SPLASH!

Sometimes I wonder if I overthink.


*) I reread those words and realized that this is actually a nice metaphor for religion and how it makes us forget our life and concentrate on future ‘reward’. I might elaborate on that so dibs on that idea, folks!


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